Ten Years of Minecraft Official Website

Hello there - and welcome to 10YM! 10YM is a website dedicated to Minecraft's 10 year anniversary and all the feelings that go with it. Right now, our main purpose is hosting small written works in the forms of opinions, thoughts, stories and comments on everything Minecraft related. We're here so everyone can empty their mind.

Minecraft is a very unique and entertaining game (we probably wouldn't have spent all these years playing it if that wasn't the case). One of the many advantages it has over other games is the strange mix of feelings you get every time you boot it up, especially after it's been a while.

And that's why we're here today - nostalgia. That's what made us start this website. Love a certain music disc? Feel free to describe what you like about it and send it to us. A really old survival memory has dawned on you? Feel free to do the same! We accept all contributions as long as they are at least a few sentences long and related to Minecraft.

If you'd like to submit your own piece of written work, send it over to tenyears@hackermail.com! Down below is a hyperlink which you can use to get to the stories section of the site. Thanks for visiting!